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13 February 2008 @ 09:15 pm
I'll Stand Right Beside You Chapter One  
Title: I’ll Stand Right Beside You
Author: Star star55
Part: 1/?? (not sure yet)
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairing: Danny/Dougie, Harry/Tom, Matt/James
Genre: AU, Romance, Drama
Summary: Life throws in the most unexpected situations, testing and challenging you. You can make it through knowing that someone will be right beside you…
A/N: This is The long awaited sequel to The Heart Never Lies. I have had a lot of fun writing this! I am glad it is done and I can start on the third part!!
This fic is entirely dedicated to Emma: orpheous87 because she beta-ed this book and the first one. Emma, you are brilliant *hugs tight*
Disclaimer: Not mine *sigh* this never happened…

You need to have read The Heart Never Lies for this story to make sense. Read it (and comment!) if you haven’t yet.


Chapter 1
Home Is Where The Heart Is

Danny nervously drummed his fingers against the arms of the chair he was sitting in. A hand covered his own and their fingers automatically laced together. Danny looked up and his eyes locked with a gorgeous cerulean pair.

“Dan, stop fidgeting, it’s going to be fine,” Dougie assured him.

Danny nodded and kissed Dougie’s hand lightly. “I just want this to be over with,” he replied.

The next moment, the door opened and a very professional looking woman stepped into the room. She took the seat behind the large mahogany desk and she looked up at them with a smile.

“Mister Jones, Mister Poynter,” she nodded at them respectively. “I’m Elizabeth Hanson, what can I do for you gentlemen today?”

Danny straightened himself in his chair and focused on the pretty woman in front of him. She didn’t look to be older than about twenty five and she had this friendly persona about her. Danny hoped that she was as friendly as she seemed.

“We’d like to apply for a loan,” Danny started.

Clicking her pen so the tip was out, she nodded and wrote something on the sheet of paper in front of her. “How much for?” she asked, looking up at him.

“Oh, um, thirty thousand pounds,” Danny replied.

She nodded and scribbled something else down. “And what is this loan for?”

“We’re buying a house together,” Danny replied.

“Would I be correct in assuming you’re a same sex couple?” she asked, not looking up from her papers.

“Yes,” Danny said honestly.

Elizabeth smiled at them. “I just need to ask you both some financial questions and we can get this loan processed.”

Dougie shot Danny an incredulous look and the brunette grinned. She asked them some questions about their job stability and their fortnightly repayments of the loan. She was extremely kind but made sure that she told them everything they needed to know about going for a house.

When Danny told her they already had a house picked, she was happy at this. She told them of a tale where a same sex couple went for a loan and couldn’t get the house they wanted in the end because the seller didn’t want to sell to ‘two fags.’ Since they had already secured the house thanks to Harry’s father, they were quite safe.

Harry’s father, a very successful business man and an extremely nice guy when it came to his son and his friends, had spoken to a real estate friend of his and mentioned that they were after houses.

The friend had done some research and had found 3 houses all in the same street in a gay neighbourhood for the three couples. They had seen the houses and were very happy with them. They weren’t the biggest of houses, which they certainly didn’t mind, they were nice and homely, and that’s what Danny wanted in a house for him and Dougie.

They were on one side of the street next door to Tom and Harry while James and Matt were across the road from them. It was a nice little set up, the street was cosy, there were about two dozen houses on the street itself and there was a park around the corner. The university was three blocks away so they could walk to class if they wanted to. Danny was quite impressed with the set up and for his and Dougie’s first home, he was quite proud of it.

All six of them had been living together in a rental house for the last three months and it was getting quite crammed in there. They needed their own space as friends and as couples. There was only so much of Matt they could all take, and Danny quite honestly didn’t know how James put up with him at times.

He could be calm as one minute and a hyper child the next and he would beg for attention until he got it. James just had to look at him or say something simple and Matt would go back to being the calm adult that he was previously. Not to mention, they had really loud sex most nights that would keep Danny and Dougie up until the early hours of the morning.

So when Harry and Tom suggested that they all get their own places as their lease was ending, he and Dougie had readily agreed. He didn’t know how much more he could take of the sleepless nights. He and Dougie hadn’t made love in almost a month for whenever they were alone or it was quiet, they would sleep as much as possible or do their homework.

They were all at the same university, apart from James, and they were all enjoying their respective classes. James was studying to be a doctor; he wanted to do some good for the world and he thought this was the best way to do it. He was already excelling in all of his subjects and Danny had no idea how he could do it on such little sleep. He would just grin and say he was getting used to sleepless nights for when exams came.

Tom was studying music as was Danny, although they were doing different fields. The blond was studying drama and music in performances while Danny was studying to become a music teacher. He loved music in every way and thought it was a great thing to teach other people how to do. As his job, he taught young kids how to play the guitar after school and on Saturday mornings. It paid well and he only ever taught how many children that he was comfortable. It was one-on-one tutoring and the parents paid him highly for his talent.

Dougie was studying art, and had three classes he attended at the university. One was art appreciation, one was art history and the other was solely focused on paintings and drawings. Dougie was the top in his class and it didn’t look like anyone was going to bump him off any time soon. He was completely happy with his course and loved every second of it. He was still selling paintings to Mike Harold and every pound from the paintings he sold went directly into a savings account that paid his tuition fees and when they got their house, would pay the repayments as well.

Harry had been recruited by a top cricket team and was playing cricket professionally while also studying literature. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure where the literature course would take him, and he didn’t particularly mind as cricket was his main passion.

Matt had a part time job and was studying part time. He was at the right place at the right time and was now getting his university fees paid for by the company that hired him. He was studying and working as a computer engineer, and Danny was quite surprised that he was willingly using his brain for a living, considering he never liked to study at school. He still managed to pass high school with top scores and it never ceased to amaze Danny that he was naturally brilliant but didn’t like to work.

His attention snapped back to Elizabeth as she asked him and Dougie to sign some papers that she had produced. They signed their loan contract and a few other documents stating their policies. She told them it would take a few days to be approved, and she would phone them when it was.

Danny and Dougie left her office feeling a lot lighter than when they had entered. They got to Danny’s car and drove back to their shared house, where they found it surprisingly empty.

Danny put his keys on the key hook in the kitchen and pulled Dougie into his arms. “Soon,” he started. “It’ll be you and me.”

Dougie grinned at him and wrapped his arms around Danny’s neck loosely. “I can’t wait,” he said.

Danny kissed the tip of his nose gently and met the pink lips with his own. He sighed lightly as their tongues touched. Danny tightened his arms around Dougie’s smaller waist and the younger male let out a small mewl of pleasure. They hadn’t been alone in so long…

“Guys! Get a room!”

And apparently it would remain that way until they got their own place.

Matt slapped Danny on the back and laughed as he and James came in with the grocery shopping. James shot them an apologetic look and Danny sighed. Dougie kissed him softly on the lips and pulled out of the embrace to see what the other two had bought.

Tom and Harry came in shortly after they had finished putting the groceries away and Tom offered to cook dinner for them instead of ordering in, as it was getting a bit expensive and they all needed to watch their pennies.

Later that night, Danny and Dougie were in their room getting ready for bed when Harry knocked on their door. He opened the door and poked his head in.

“Dad is taking us to sign our leases tomorrow, did you want to do yours then or wait until your loan is approved?”

“Uh, we’ll wait, I think,” Danny replied.

“Yeah, we’d rather know we’ve got our loan first before doing anything like signing legal documents,” Dougie added.

Harry nodded. “Okay, so it will be me and the other three that go then, you can have the house to yourselves.”

Danny smiled at him. “Thanks, we could use the extra sleep.”

Harry grinned back. “I’ll bet,” he winked.

“Matt!” came a loud groan from across the hall.

“Ugh,” Danny groaned. “Not again.”

Harry chuckled and left, shutting the door behind him and Danny turned to face his boyfriend.

“It’s really happening, Dougs,” he said pulling back the covers on their bed before climbing in.

Dougie settled next to him with a smile on his face. “I know, just think, in a few days, we could be living in our own place.”

“We will be,” Danny said with certainty as he stroked the skin of Dougie’s forearm.

A loud moan rang out through the house from Matt and James’ room.

“And we’ll have our own space, with no interruptions,” he added, looking towards their closed door.

Dougie chuckled and closed the gap between them, lips meeting Danny’s in a soft kiss. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you too,” Danny replied with a kiss. He switched off his bedside lamp and pulled Dougie into his arms.

They settled together and both drifted off with thoughts of moving into their own house.


Exactly three days later, Danny got a phone call from Elizabeth at the bank telling him that his and Dougie’s loan had been approved. He was so pleased with this news that he almost didn’t catch her asking for them to go back to the bank that afternoon to sign the transfer of funds over into his and Dougie’s joint account.

After Danny and Dougie had been to the bank, they phoned Sean, their realtor, to say they were ready to sign the papers and get the keys to their house. They met Sean at his office to sign the last of the paperwork there and to organise for payment of the house to go through. Once that was all finalised, Sean handed them a set of keys each.

“Congratulations, gentlemen, you are now the new owners of number five Ocean Lane,” he said with a smile.

Danny looked at the keys in his hands and mentally shook himself. “Thank you so much for this, Sean,” he said.

“Not a problem, I’m just glad to sell to such pleasant people like you and Dougie, you are a pleasure to have dealt with,” Sean replied with his own smile.

“We appreciate all your help,” Dougie said and Sean waved it off.

“Like I said, you are a nice couple and you deserve a nice house,” he said. “Now, what are you still doing here? Your new house is waiting for you.”

Danny’s eyes widened in realisation and he looked at Dougie who was grinning from ear to ear. They thanked Sean again and left his office happier than they had been in a while.

They had their own house. Danny couldn’t get his mind around it. They had been planning and saving up for their own house for so long now, it was amazing that it was finally happening. They had used the funds that Danny’s Nan gave to him for his “coming of age” to buy furniture for the house and they used some of Dougie’s earnings for other household necessities. They had split storing everything between Dougie’s house and Danny’s for when they finally got their own house.

Danny pulled up the driveway and shut off the engine. He and Dougie exited the car and they stood on the front porch together.

“We did it, Dougs, we have our own place!” Danny breathed.

“I know,” Dougie replied with a grin. He wrapped his arms around Danny’s waist and kissed him softly on the mouth. “Let’s go inside.”

Danny nodded and they unlocked the door, to be greeted by Tom, Harry and Harry’s father smiling brightly at them.

“We just moved in next door!” Tom said brightly. “We got the keys this morning.”

Danny stepped forward and hugged him tightly, and they ended up in a massive group hug. They broke apart and Danny looked at Mr Judd.

“Thank you so much, Mr Judd,” he said. “For all of your help, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Think nothing of it,” Mr Judd replied. “And please, call me Chris.”

Danny grinned and nodded. “This is amazing,” he said looking around.

They had seen the house before, but that was briefly when Sean took them around to see if they liked it. For Danny, it had been love at first sight. Dougie was a bit apprehensive, but as soon as he saw how big the house actually was, he fell in love too. They had already planned out where everything was going to go, and Dougie had claimed the smallest bedroom up the stairs as his art room, he loved how there was so much natural light that came into the room and wanted it to be set up as his art room.

They shared the master bedroom and they would have a spare room set up for Jazzie for when she stayed over, or anyone else they might have visiting. There were three bedrooms in total, and that took up all of them. There was a smaller room downstairs that came off the hall way and Danny took it as his music room.

They thought it was amazing that the whole neighbourhood was designed for gay couples that wanted their own space. They had more than the one bedroom and the two storeys for the couples that wanted kids or had more than themselves living in the houses. It was a nice size for them and that’s what Danny focused on.

The house had a den in which they set up their study. They had purchased a new computer and had a desk set up in there along with a few bookshelves filled with books they had gathered over the years.

Danny was glad that it was term break as he would have hated cutting class to move in. They had an extra week to get settled in before their break ended, which was more than enough time to get settled in.

They were all moved in by Saturday and spent the day arranging things to the way they wanted. Tom and Harry had moved in next door fully and were helping out where they could as were Matt and James. They had yet to move in across the road, but they would be doing so on the Monday.

By Saturday night, Danny was exhausted and he collapsed onto the couch in the living room and pulled Dougie into his arms. The blond snuggled up to him and placed soft kisses along his neck.

Danny surveyed the room and felt so happy with what they had done so far. They still had some boxes to unpack, but they had everything planned where it would all go.

Sam was in the kitchen with Danny’s mum and they were making them a nice simple dinner for all their hard work.

“We’re finally in our own home, Dougs,” Danny breathed.

Dougie looked up at him, smiling. “I know, it’s great,” he replied.

Danny kissed him softly on the lips and Dougie shifted so he was lying next to him on the couch. Danny wrapped his arms around Dougie’s waist and held him tightly. The blond stroked his arm lovingly and kissed him gently.

A short while later, there was a knock at their front door. Danny grinned brightly at Dougie and got up to answer it. He was greeted by his two best friends and new next door neighbours.

“Ay, how are you?” Danny asked as they entered.

“Tired,” Harry said flopping down on the couch next to Dougie. “Tom is such a bossy-boots when it comes to arranging the house.”

Tom put his hands on his hips. “I am not!” he exclaimed. “If you just followed my directions in the first place, everything would be okay.”

Harry rolled his eyes and Danny chuckled.

“Don’t fight now, guys, mum’s almost ready with dinner,” the Bolton male replied.

This shut both Tom and Harry up and they sat on the couch together in each other’s arms, all previous arguments forgotten.

They were chatting about nothing in particular when Sam called out for them and said that dinner was ready. They made their way into the kitchen where they all squished around the circular table and ate the lovely pasta dish that had been made for them.

Danny was so glad that things had finally fallen into place and that he and Dougie now had their own house. It was great knowing that they would be making their life here, that all their memories from now on as a couple would be in this house. Their house.

“Danny, are you coming to bed?” Dougie called a few hours later after all their guests had left and the dishes were done.

“Coming,” Danny called back and he switched off the downstairs light before climbing the stairs to reach his and Dougie’s room.

The blond was already in their bed, the covers pulled half way up his naked chest. Danny smiled at him lovingly and stripped away his own clothes. He crawled into bed next to his beloved and sighed contentedly.

“So, our first night in our new home, how do you plan to spend it?” Danny asked seductively.

Dougie grinned broadly and kissed him hotly. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I am quite content to spend it in my lover’s arms,” he replied.

“Sounds good to me,” he said softly.

He kissed Dougie lightly on the lips and then they curled up together to settle in for a peaceful sleep of their first night in their new home.


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